Sparta Classic Plantation Trailer

Standard Features

Length 40 feet, Width 102 Inches, Weight 13,900 lbs.
Mainframe - W21" x. 44# H-Beam on 44" center
21" Drop Frame, 51" Kingpin Height
Cross members - W10" X 12# Beam
Bolster Standards - 5" x 5"  x 3/8"
Bolster Bunks - 6" x 10" x 5/16"
Tires - 11:00 x 24.5 Bias or Radials
Wheels - 10 hole Budd Steel Disc
Axles -  25,000 lb, 5/8" wall, 77.5" Track,
Brakes - Outboard Drums, Midland ABS, 30/30 Type Chambers
Suspension - Hutch 9700 4-spring with 8-leaf springs
Lights & Wiring - Rubber mounted sealed with triple light clusters
Landing Legs - Heavy duty winch Forward type
Metal Plating - over Kingpin & Tandem area
Tie downs - (5) Winches with flat hook, 4" nylon straps
Storage Box - over Kingpin area
Rear Bumper - Heavy duty push bumper with drag bar pipe
Mud flaps - Anti Sail/Anti Spray Type
Paint - Blasted, primed and painted with Alkyd Acrylic Enamel
Kingpin Setback - 20 inches
Vulcan Scale Ready "Center Points Only"
Removable Riser

3 Year Frame Limited Warranty

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Available Options

Hutch H900 or Watson & Chalin 50,000 lb Center Point Suspension
Air-Lift Kits for Center Point Suspensions
Watson & Chalin Air-Ride Suspension with Axle Lift
Plantation, Loader, & Loader-Delimber Trailers Available
Various Bolster Spacing
Moveable/Removable Bolsters

Optional Paint Colors
Extended or Shorter Trailers
Drag or Push Bumper
Aluminum Wheels
Lifetime Lighting
Various Tire Sizes & Brands
Grapple Deflection Stripes
Tire Racks


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