Sparta Manufacturing Logging trailer both this standard Four (4) Bolster or our Plantation, drop center, or possum belly trailer what ever the term is in your area we build one of the finest logging trailers in the Industry. You can click on the drawing below to see the standard dimensions of the trailer or go to the Plantation trailer page for the other specs.


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Standard Features

Available Options

Length 40 feet, Width 102 Inches, Weight 12,650 lbs.
Mainframe - W21" x. 44# H-Beam on 44" center
Drop - 5 inches
Cross members - W10" X 12# Beam
Bolster Standards - 5" x 5 x 5/16"
Bolster Bunks - 6" x 10" x 1/4"
Tires - 11:00 x 24.5 Bias or Radials
Wheels - 10 hole Budd Steel Disc
Axles -  25,000 lb, 5/8" wall, 77.5" Track,
Brakes - Outboard Drums, Midland ABS, 30/30 Type Chambers
Suspension - Hutch 9700 4-spring with 8-leaf springs
Lights & Wiring - Rubber mounted sealed with triple light clusters
Landing Legs - Heavy duty winch back type
Metal Plating - over Kingpin & Tandem area
Tied owns - (4) Winches with flat hook, 4" nylon straps
Storage Box - over Kingpin area
Rear Bumper - Heavy duty push bumper with drag bar pipe
Mud flaps - Anti Sail/Anti Spray Type
Paint - Blasted, primed and painted with Enamel
Kingpin Setback - 20 inches
Vulcan Scale Ready "Center Points Only"
3 Year Frame Limited Warranty

Hutch H900 or Watson & Chalin 50,000 lb Center Point Suspension
Air-Lift Kits for Center Point Suspensions
Watson & Chalin Air-Ride Suspension with Axle Lift
Plantation, Loader, & Loader-Delimber Trailers Available
Various Bolster Spacing
Moveable/Removable Bolsters
Optional Paint Colors
Extended or Shorter Trailers
Aluminum Wheels
Lifetime Lighting
Various Tire Sizes & Brands
Grapple Deflection Stripes
Tire Racks
Vulcan On-Board Scales


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