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If you need parts for our trailers go to Parts on the top bar or call me .

Sparta Manufacturing builds for the Agriculture, Timber, and Construction Businesses.  Our Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer is a very high quality product that will take the abuse that we farmers and plantation owners hand out to them.  We strive to build the very best Steel Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer in the USA.

Our Logging are also a premium product that performs well in the mud and uneven terrain that we have in the forest.  Look at our Forestry ,  we have Four 4 bolster log as well as Plantation ,  you may call them Possum Belly or drop belly , whatever you call them we build and service them. Also in our shop we can build Pup logging and pintle hitch that are very heavy for off road use or in the mill yard with 120,000 LB suspension on them. We can completely rebuild your log trailer back to near new specs.  

We also build Belly Dump gravel and asphalt .  .

I would like for you to try one of our or ask your neighbor about our .

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